Steely Dan – The Early Years

Released:  1983
Label:  Line Records/Teldec Schallplatten GMBH


Front cover:  This is the one they hate.  It’s out there under numerous titles under numerous record labels.  This has some age to it but it wasn’t in as bad a shape as I thought it would be.  Some minor blotched but as you can see, blotches don’t clone out easily because of the pattern of the background.  Still, they’re gone.  I also removed the browning color cast and replaced most of the color in the hype sticker.  The hype sticker really is stuck to the album and there’s no way to remove it.  They really wanted people to know this was a Steely Dan thing and the Becker/Fagan names didn’t mean as much as the Steely Dan name.  Sadly, that’s still the case today and Fagan is out there touring under the Steely Dan name because touring under his own name doesn’t bring in the business.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves have slightly yellowed with age.  Still, not in bad shape at all so I just restored the white as best I could through color correction at the scan stage.  Make of the marketing on this side what you will.

Sleeve-back:  Same thing here but it’s kinda fun to look at.  All the same things were done to this side as well.

Back cover:  Pretty good shape here as well.  I did even less here.  Not even any ring wear to contend with.  It’s a thin German jacket so you’d expect some.  I think a lot had to do with the cellphone-lined sleeve.  It protected the jacket pretty well.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Removing the spindle hole obviously took work but both are gone pretty convincingly, I think.