Stanley Clarke & George Duke – Clarke/Duke Project

Released:  1981
Label:  Epic/CBS Records








Front cover:  This one’s in pretty good shape.  Just removed a few scuffs (one by the “C” in “Project” which wasn’t easy) and uploaded.

Sleeve-front:  Both sides of the sleeves were yellowed (it’s been 32 years – makes sense) but thought I could fix without too much trouble.  Wrong. I removed all color from photo and text, replaced all white areas, and re-added color when complete.  This took a while.

Sleeve-back:  Same deal here.  The results are pretty good.  With the back, I re-proportioned as there’s a lot of unused blank space on the original sleeve that could be eliminated to show the lyrics better.

Back cover:  The back has a few scuffs and the remnants of a price sticker but nothing that couldn’t be removed. As an aside, their version of “Louis, Louis” (yes, that one) has to be heard to be believed.

Labels:  These labels are in excellent shape. I love these Epic labels.