Smokey Robinson – One Heartbeat

Released:  1987
Label:  Motown Records








Front cover:  The front of this is mostly okay. There is some serious scratching at the top-center from who-knows-what but I got rid of all of it.  Note the differences between Smokey’s face as it appears on the front and as it appears on the back.  Pretty striking. 

Sleeve-front:  Sleeve is okay.  Can’t do too much cleaning because of the nature of the sleeve.  Besides, character’s cool, right?

Sleeve-back:  Again, black less vivid so it had to be replaced

Back cover:  Back in good shape.  There is some very ugly discoloration and scratching on the top-center and left side down about an inch next to the red “1.”  Again, not sure how it got there but it’s all gone. Note: Smokey’s face is as it appears on the jacket.  The over-done airbrushing on Smokey’s face was done to the jacket itself.  I did nothing additionally.

Labels:  Both labels in great shape.  No trouble at all removing the spindle hole and uploading.  One must handle Motown labels very carefully and I’ve been careful with this one thus far.