Scritti Politti – Cupid & Psyche 85

Released:  1985
Label:  Virgin Ltd./Warner Bros Records


Front cover:  This isn’t bad but the black had worn away pretty badly.  As a result, it couldn’t really be fixed.  I scanned the cover without the border, resized it 25 pixels smaller than I needed it, created a new file in Photoshop that was 1200 x 1200, colored the whole thing in the same shade of black as the back cover, pasted the borderless cover on top of it, and centered it so the border effect would be achieved.  It seems more involved than it is.  It didn’t take long to do.

Sleeves:  The sleeve had been loved so it’s got a few wrinkles but nothing too severe.  I did very little fixing as I didn’t want to compromise the text.  I save both sides in high resolution so the text could be easily read.

Back cover:  Again, black doesn’t stand the test of time so it was all replaced.  I managed to do it without affecting the text at all.

Labels:  Cool custom labels!  These were easy to work with as neither had suffered any real damage.  Just removed the spindle hole (neither was difficult) and put them up!