Quincy Jones – Mellow Madness

Released:  1975
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  I am the original owner, though I didn’t own this until about 20 years ago or so.  Still, it’s in very good shape.  The scanner had other ideas on how this should look and I had to fight with it a little but I got there.  All adjustments done at the scan stage

Sleeve-front:  These had yellowed with age but I managed to correct that fairly easily both at the scan stage and then removing the color cast in Photoshop.  I love vendor sleeves.  They’re such “blasts from the past.”

Sleeve-back:  Same processes applied here.  Neither one was bent in the slightest which is pretty remarkable given their age and the fact that I did play this record.

Back cover:  This went well too, thought the scanner had different ideas of what the color should be.  All correction done at the scan stage.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  Spindle removal is pretty simple.  Just use the same gradient pattern from the same area and cloned away the holes.

Poster:  I haven’t done a stitch project like this but this one went pretty easily.  This took two scan passes to capture all of it.  Once done, I stitched it together and, through cloning, got rid of the fold creases.  This is in excellent shape too somehow.  I also have to add what a totally strange thing to add to the album package.  It’s not done particularly well and I have no idea what its purpose is?  Who would hang this on their wall?