Paul McCartney – “Ebony and Ivory” (additional vocals by Stevie Wonder) b/w “Ebony and Ivory & “Rainclouds” (Paul McCartney)

Released:  1982
Label:  MPL/Columbia/CBS Records







Front cover:  This was work.  It was well-loved by the time I got my hands on it.  There are scratches galore on the black parts and little hairline scratches on McCartney’s jacket.  All gone now.  I also find it interesting that Stevie is practically credited as a bit player, hence the credit I use here.  I never noticed it before.  Odd…

Back cover:  Again, just trashed – especially on the bottom where the copyright information is.  Much “cloning” and pasting words from elsewhere fixed things convincingly.

Labels:  Mercifully, my work ended with the jacket.  The labels are both very nice.