Paul Desmond – Summertime

Released:  1969
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  The only malady here was yellowing.  That was easily fixed by removing the color cast, taking the resulting color, and replacing the rest of it to create uniformity.  This took a little time but it wasn’t too hard.

Gatefolds:  Gatefolds are always an adventure and this one was too.  This album had been opened many times in its life and it was rather difficult to center it on the glass as a result.  I actually wasn’t ever successful and had to re-skew it in Photoshop.  Of course, yellowing was also an issue which I resolved by the same means as above.  

Back cover:  More yellowing.  Same process as the front cover.  

Sleeves:  This one was well-loved.  The front wasn’t too bad as removing the color cast and then cloning out the rips wasn’t too bad.  The back was a nightmare.  I undertook the same process and after I did it, I noticed that some of the covers shown became washed out.  I then began the process of scanning about half of them separately, removing the yellow color cast on each of them, and pasting them over those that were washed out.  It took much work but the results are good.

Labels:  These were easy.  I just removed the spindle hole and that’s it.