Pat Cooper – Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights

Released:  1967
Label:  United Artists Records








Front cover:  This was actually nearly sealed when I got it (about a week ago) and it looks really good as a result.  The bottom-left corner is bend a bit but that was easily fixed.

Sleeve-front:  The top-right corner of the sleeve is curled.  Typical, really.  It took some fixing but it’s done.  It does have a slightly different look from the other side for reasons detailed below.

Sleeve-back:  I had little choice here but to do a total color replacement.  The rose color had become very inconsistent so I did it to restore the uniformity.  There was some cleaning to be done (upper-left side) and I couldn’t do it convincingly unless I replaced the color.  I did that with the rose-colored background as well as the cream color behind the “United Artists Records” box.  

Back cover:  Despite it being sealed, it has some visible creases and scuffs due to age.  There’s also some writing near the bottom of the “Our Hero” cover and a Sam Goody sticker below that where the cellophane had been ripped off.  Both have been removed through cloning.

Labels:  Both labels look amazing so nothing needed to be done.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.