Maurice White – Maurice White

Released:  1985
Label:  Columbia/CBS Records








Front cover:  The difference between what an album can look like in your hands as opposed to what it can look like through the harsh realities of a fantastic scanner (the Epson Expression 1000XL, if you’re curious) can be pretty stark.  Such is the case here.  The cover looks very nice to the naked eye.  However, the scanner revealed scratches that are hard to see otherwise.  The gradient made removing them rather difficult but they’re all gone.  I actually became mildly obsessive about them and want to get them all.  I think I did.  Of course, they could only be removed through cloning.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves have wrinkles and I actually started getting rid of them at the scanning stage.  I inserted heavy stock paper into the sleeve to smooth out the wrinkles while scanning.  Once that was done, it was much easier to deal with.  The wrinkles that went into the text were harder to remove and I couldn’t completely do it.  I got really close, though, so I hope you enjoy the results – all realized through cloning.

Sleeve-back:  The same issue and fixes were done here.

Back cover:  This one has more scratches than the naked eye can see too.  I removed them all through cloning.  

Labels:  My work ended here.  The labels are in great shape so they were really easy.