Mariah Carey – Emotions

Released:  1991
Label:  Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment


Front cover:  This is a little worse than it should be but it’s not had.  It has a price tag in the upper right-hand corner that I don’t want to remove because of what might happen if I tried to.  It also had some ring wear that, while not obvious to the naked eye, showed up more dramatically when I scanned it.  Not too hard to remove.  

Sleeve-front:  This was nearly perfect.  Not bad after all these years.  It very slightly wrinkled but fixing it would have hurt the text and it doesn’t look bad at all so I left it alone. 

Sleeve-back:  This side has some more obvious ring wear that I had to clone out.  Still, not bad at all.  Not sure why this side is rougher-looking but it is.

Back cover:  Pretty nice, really.  Cloned out a few cracks but that’s it.

Labels:  Labels are just perfect.  Just scanned them and removed the spindle hole.