Luther – This Close to You

Released:  1977
Label:  Cotillion/Atlantic Records








Front cover:  The jacket itself isn’t bad but the promo sticker is absolutely awful.  It’s full of grease marks and major discoloration.  I put more work into that than anything else here.  Of course, once I re-colored it, I neglected to realize I was hurting both photographs of Luther so I had to re-scan the jacket to paste those elements back onto the cover as presented here.  A total headache and I did what I could.  There was also a cut-out hole in Diane’s hair that had to go and that was easily removed.

Sleeves:  These had wrinkles and I removed a few but couldn’t go all the way without damaging the text.

Back cover:  This side looked good except for a few mild cracks and the cut-out hole – this time in Anthony’s hair.  All easily removed.

Labels:  No worries here.  Spindle hole easily removed and the label is very clean.