Justin Timberlake – Justified

Released:  2002
Label:  Jive/Zomba Recording Corporation


Front cover:  This is perfect.  I’m the original owner and I take care of my records so there’s that.  The scanner wanted to make the contrast more intense so I had to back it off manually at the scan stage.  That was the only minor difficulty.

Gatefold-1:  This was difficult to scan properly because there’s puckering where the records had been.  I always scan album covers with the albums removed but the puckering remained.  I had to stack books on top of those areas when scanning to make the scan successful.  Also, this is far larger and at a higher resolution than the front or back covers so if you open it in a new tab, you’ll be able to easily read the text.

Sleeve-back:  The same issues appeared here so I used the same remedies.  I didn’t bother altering the settings so this is also scanned at a high resolution and is larger than the front or the back.

Back cover:  This is another one that the scanner had some trouble with.  As with the front, the scanner added more contrast than is actually present so I had to SERIOUSLY dial it back in Photoshop.

Labels:  He even got vanity labels…in 2002.  LPs were NOT selling back then so to see vanity label is…interesting.  Heck, to see a gatefold is too.  Few got them back then.  Nice package all around, honestly.  The LPs even sound good!