Heat – Heat

Released:  1982
Label:  Full Moon/Warner Bros. Records









Front cover:  Albums on black backgrounds don’t do so well after 33 years.  This one is no exception.  The black is trashed and there’s ring wear all over the lettering.  No way to fix it.  Our solution?  The front is really the back with no titles.  This is exactly the way the front should look.

Sleeve-front:  The insert is in decent shape given it’s flimsy nature.  The deep red has seen better days so I replaced some of it here.  Both sides of this open up really large so they can be read.  Just right-click and select “open in new tab/window”.

Sleeve-back:  This side of the sleeve is in far worse shape. All red replaced.  This also opens up really big.  Same procedure as above.

Back cover:  The back of this was good enough to use for the front.  There are scratches here and there but not bad at all.  I replaced the “Art Direction” text as there is crumpling on that edge and it destroyed the text.

MCA sleeve:  It was there, so I added it. This is a mock-up of the MCA sleeve.  It is a “cut and paste” of sections of the sleeve to make a complete one sans label hole.

Labels:  The labels are pristine.  Only removed spindle hole.