Grey and Hanks – You Fooled Me

Released:  1978
Label:  RCA Records








Front cover:  I picked this up from a tiny record store in DC about 4 years ago.  The cover got my attention and it cost 2 bucks so why not?  The $1.00 sticker is an artifact that couldn’t possibly be removed and it adds character so I’m not bothered.  The yellowing is slight and removing it would have damaged the text.

Sleeve-front:  Why I didn’t fix these sleeves when these were uploaded to the initial version of the site, I will never know.  This may have been the very first album I worked on for the old site.  I saw them again, was appalled by yellowing I knew I could fix, and performed the fixes.  In this case, I removed the color and then threw a quick paint bucket on each side to make the color more constant.  I did it lightly enough that the text survived.

Sleeve-back:  The sleeves will open larger if you right-click on them and select “open in new tab/window”.

Back cover:  Yellowing got the edge of these too.  Could only do so much so the text wasn’t destroyed.

Labels:  The labels are in excellent shape.  Just scanned and uploaded.