Gino Cunico – Gino Cunico

Released:  1976
Label:  Arista Records


Front cover:  This was purchased mere weeks ago.  It was bought sealed and it’s likely been sealed since it was new.  It has a small cut-out on the right corner that was easily fixed with the black color replacement I did.

Sleeve:  This sleeve had all kinds of wrinkles when I pulled out the record.  I “cloned” just about all of it out and also compensated for the “yellowing” of the sleeve at the scan stage.

Back cover:  The back is in very nice shape too.  As with the front, I replaced the black border (black doesn’t stand the test of time very well).  Beyond that, it’s in great shape.

Labels:  Even the labels had gone brown.  They are slightly different hues and I kept that imbalance when I adjusted the color of both labels at the scan stage.