George Duke – From Me to You

Released:  1977
Label:  Epic/CBS Records








Front cover:  This is in pretty good shape.  Not much to do but scan it.

Sleeve-front:  This sleeve had greatly yellowed over time – so much so that I couldn’t leave it untouched.  All white areas were washed out and return to their former whiteness.

Sleeve-back:  As is the case with the front of this sleeve, this had yellowed pretty considerably.  Attempting to fix it would have destroyed the integrity of George’s hands and the piano keys so I left it alone.

Back cover:  This one has some slight water damage on the edges.  I got tricky and fixed it all.  What did I do?  In the previous iteration of this website, I didn’t tell.  I will now…and it’s not exciting.  I just used a cloning brush and carefully cleaned it all up.  The truck was to keep all the lines straight and keep the color of the brown bars constant on the edges.  Harder than it appears.  Still, all done.

Labels:  Another great Epic label in equally great shape.