Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down

Released:  1974
Label:  Tamla/Motown Records


Front cover:  This had some issue because of age.  For some reason, the text went all the way up the top and the bottom in an unnatural way so I put it on a new slightly larger background to give the next more room and that makes it look more natural.  The salmon color of Eddie’s name was also badly cracked in places so I replaced all of it as well as the same-color order.  Of course, all of the black got replaced.  I then cloned around Eddie’s photo to get rid of the ring wear.  It wasn’t too severe so it didn’t take long.

Back cover:  All the same issues here.  Just a bit more ring wear and a harder time getting rid of what there was.  Still, all gone now.  

Labels:  Labels look great.  Scanner decided on a slightly more lime color so I took that out in Photoshop to make them look like they do in front of me.  Also removed spindle hole as usual.