E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial (Storybook Album)

Released:  1982
Label:  MCA Records









Front cover:  This is a box top and the box has curved inward over the years.  That was fixed at the scan stage by placing a heavy book inside of it so as to press it down onto the scanner glass.  It has scuffs and a partial “Toys R Us” sticker on it that has residue from being partially removed.  As a result, I ended up replacing the blue.  The text wasn’t damaged in the least so I’m happy with the results.

Fan club card:  This has clearly never been touched.  Just scanned and uploaded.  No, you can’t join the club anymore… 😉

Back cover:  The blue has been replaced here too for uniformity with the front.  Before I did it, I grabbed the shooting star and kept it on a separate layer because I knew the edges would be compromised when the color was replaced.  I washed out the blue and then re-applied the shooting star – coloring around it carefully so it would match the new blue.  

Poster:  The poster has never been opened.  This took some time.  It is made up of three different scans.  I haven’t joined pieces in a while so this was interesting.

Storybook:  This is a PDF so just click on it and it’ll open.  This was in pretty good shape and just needed some minor cleanup on some of the pages.  This took forever.  

Labels:  These labels are very nice.  I color-matched the background just ’cause.  The record itself is badly warped but it will play.  Michael’s performance is incredible.  I added the clip to our YouTube page along with the booklet so you can follow along.  I had a ball listening to this again.  Here’s the video: