Donny Hathaway – Everything is Everything

Released:  1970
Label:  ATCO/Atlantic Records







Front cover:  Album in great shape.  The color balance is off but that’s the way it was when it was printed.  I could have corrected it (Rhino did on their CD remaster) but there’s beauty in this kind of character.  It adds warmth to the image so I let it remain.

Sleeve-front:  This sleeve took some work.  Due to age, it had browned significantly. I normally allow a little yellowing but it was just too intense here.  I found a patch that was the original color and replaced the rest so it’s sort of organic.  Color replacement involved coloring in individual letters so it took some time.

Sleeve-back:  There are also two pretty nasty creases in inconvenient places.  I did the best I could and managed get rid of most of the issues.  I could not eliminate them completely, however, so please don’t expect perfection here.

Back cover:  The back is in remarkable shape for a 43 year-old album.  I correcrted two minor blotches near the bottom-right and uploaded.

Labels:  Very nice labels.  All the yellow is still brilliant so just scanned and uploaded.