Donald Fagen – The Nightfly

Released:  1982
Released:  1982 (MFSL)
Released:  2017 (MFSL One Step)

Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Label:  Warner Bros. Records/Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (MFSL)
Label:  Rhino Entertainment Co./Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Inc. (MFSL One Step)




Front cover:  I’ve had this for many years – yet it remains in excellent condition.  Easy to scan and upload.

Sleeve-front:  Somehow, this is still in great shape.  For whatever reason, the scanner had a mind of its own and decided that the color should be darker.  Can’t have that so I lightened considerably to get to the true shade.  I also did a little bit of cloning to get rid of some minor cracks and the cut-out notch.  There can’t be too many “Nightfly” albums out there with cut-out notches.

Sleeve-back: Again, color lightning at the scan stage, minor cleanup, and removal of the cut-out notch on the opposite side.

Back cover:  Minor cracks and the cut-out notch needed fixing up.  Beyond that,  very simple.

Labels:  Perfect labels.  Just removed spindle hole which isn’t too difficult even with the lines.



Front cover:  I’ve had this for many years – yet it remains in excellent condition.  Easy to scan and upload.

Lyrics/Credit Sheet:  The shade of this lyric sheet is somehow a lot lighter than the Warners sleeve.  It scanned very easily with no need to do anything to it.  It’s pristine.

MFSL Insert:  The whole things in great shape.  It scanned with no problem.

Back cover:  Stored mostly in a Mylar sleeve so it’s still in great shape.  Just scanned and uploaded here.

Labels:  Again, couldn’t have been simpler.  Just scanned and uploaded.  They remain in great shape.



Box Cover Front:  I’m the original owner.  It’s a very grippy rubber-feeling that’s great when it’s new but it does cling to dust better than a traditional cardboard would.  Still, not too hard to remove.  I am kind of curious how it’s going to age.  So far, so good.  Okay, so I’ll be honest here.  Because of the gold foil.  I simple wasn’t able to really scan this.  As a result, this is a mock-up.  The border was found elsewhere but it’s as exact a match as is possible.  I took a picture of the “ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING” bit with my cellphone and added it above.  I did the same with the text under the album.  It was the only way to get the golden color to display.  You’ll note the minor inconsistencies in the “ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDINGS” bar but it’s simply unavoidable.  Gold just doesn’t scan well, neither does it photograph all that well.  I got as close as I could on all fronts.

Front cover:  I take care of my records and I’ve only had this for a few years so it’s perfect.  Had to mess with the coloring a bit as the scanner wanted to go bluer.  Easily fixed at the scan stage.

Foldouts:  Again, I’m the original owner and I take care of my records.  All of this is in immaculate condition.  Just scanned it.  The only tough thing was the color.  As usual, the scanner wanted something else and I tweaked in scanning mode to make it look the way it actually does in front of me.

MFSL Insert: This was fun to do.  Of course, it has gold on it and any gold had to handled differently.  I took pics with my cellphone of the two gold parts.  Once done, I opened the pics in Photoshop, selected the gold parts, and then cut/pasted them on to the sheet.  Not too hard.

Jackets:  Again, gold abounds.  All the lettering on all sides except for the copyright stuff is gold.  That meant more cellphone pics plus copy and pasting.  It also meant color replacement as even light handling gets you fingerprints.

Labels:  The borders aren’t gold foil so these could be scanned as they are.  I never touch the labels so no need to remove fingerprints.  Spindle removal was nothing.

Box Cover Back:  Color replacement again as fingerprints abound and tacky surface meant dust accumulates badly.  That tacky surface is my only pet peeve with this otherwise amazing set.