Donald Fagan – The Nightfly Live

Released:  2021
Label:  Nightfly Productions, Inc./UMG Recordings


Front cover:  This was new out of its shrink-wrap when I scanned it.  Other than a bit of adjusting of the color (scanner wanted darker), this scanned very well.  I also did some light cloning as the cover attracts fingerprints very easily.

Sleeves:  Both sleeves also attract fingerprints so light cloning was used.  There’s also some mild wrinkling that was cloned out.

Back cover:  More mild fingerprints cloned out.  Beyond that, very easy to deal with.

Hype sticker:  This is in great shape so I just scanned it as it is.

Labels:  These were pretty easy to deal with until I got to the spindle holes.  There’s building lighting through each one but it’s identical so I did it for one label, then copied that portion to the other.