Janet Jackson – Design of a Decade (U.K. & U.S.)

Released:  1995
Label:  A&M Records Ltd. (U.K.)


U.K. Front cover:  I bought this years ago on eBay and I figured it for being in great shape after all these years, though I hadn’t played it in a long time.  Thankfully, it mostly is.  The scanner had problems with the hype sticker that is permanently affixed to the cover so I cloned it out entirely and it’s presented in its own.  It also tried to make the jacket darker so I had to adjust it at the scan stage.  Beyond that, it’s in excellent shape.

U.S. Front cover:  This one was sealed when I bought it from the record store (remember those?)  It’s in perfect shape.  Just uploaded.

U.K. Sleeves:  All of them are in great shape.  There was some mysterious brown dust that infiltrated not only a part of the sleeves but one of the records itself.  It’s likely moisture from being in a poly jacket sleeve for years but I’m not sure how humidity got to it.  No matter.  Easily cleaned off of all surfaces.  

U.S. Sleeves:  These weren’t as carefully packed as the U.K. sleeves were.  As a result, they are a little wrinkled.  All of that was fixed by replacing the black in the one and cloning on both.  Not a very big deal.  Text remains totally unharmed as I had a light touch.

Hype Sticker:  This is in great shape.  On it’s own, I could fix its brightness issues without worrying about the overall balance of the front cover.

Back cover:  Again, mystery brown substance but this didn’t come off so easily.  I just cloned around it and I’ll work on it more thoroughly later.  Everything cleaned up nicely and other than adjusting the brightness, this was pretty simple.

Labels:  All labels are pristine.  Just removed spindle holes, scanned, and uploaded.

*Note:  Only elements changed from the U.K. album are included here.  All labels look exactly the same and two of the sleeves do too.  Translation:  you aren’t missing anything.