David Ruffin – Everything’s Coming Up Love

Released:  1976
Label:  Motown Records


Front cover:  This one’s pretty nice.  I did need to replace the black because while it’s not 47 years-old, it was pressed some time in the 80s so it does have some age-consistent fading.  I just did the “paint bucket” thing.

Back cover:  I scanned this at 1200 dpi and the image is 1700 x 1700 so you can open it in a new window and read the really sharp text in all its glory.  This has a crack running through the copyright info on the bottom and I got rid of as much of it as I could.  Not bad at all.

Labels:  These were pretty easy.  Just scanned them, got rid of the spindle hole, and uploaded them.  Nice and simple.