David Foster – The Best of Me (MFSL)

Released:  1983
Label:  Sound Design Records/MFSL










Front cover:  This was sealed when I got it.  As a result, it’s in decent shape cosmetically.  It has some minor issues but they exist in a gradient so I can’t get rid of them convincingly.  This happens when a record has been “sealed” for over 30 years.  Another thing I didn’t count on was how off-balance the whole thing is.  The jacket was cut a few degrees off so that had to be fixed in Photoshop.  I rotated the image 3 whole degrees.  Once done, I had to redo the black behind the MFSL banner (no text was retyped) as it’s meant to hug the top and sides.  I then cropped slightly on all sides.  No real choice there.  

MFSL sleeves:  Ah, the past…  Gotta love the “high fidelity cassettes”.  They were certainly better than the mass-produced cassettes of the day.  Also, dig the fact that there were only four (4) MFSL CD’s available in 1983.  

Back cover:  Again, while cosmetically in very good shape, this is totally off-balance.  I fixed the same way I fixed the front image.  Here, there was more riding on a good fix as there’s also the maroon band going down the left side.  I basically had to make a new one as that which appears on the album is totally off-balance.  Cropping here was easy as there’s a lot of space on the bottom for adjustments.  The MFSL banner at the top, of course, had to be redone.  Note that no text was retyped here either.

Labels:  Perfect labels. Just removed spindle hole.  Nice and simple.