Chocolate Milk – Hypnotism

Released:  1980
Label:  RCA Records


Front cover:  Typically, you won’t find albums here that don’t have inner sleeves as it leaves little to look at.  Add to that the fact that Chocolate Milk didn’t exactly set the world on fire and this looks like a curious choice.  It comes down to the fact that this is a personal favorite of mine so I had to include it.  I absolutely love the art direction here.

As for the work done, the cover needed some work but there was only so much I could do…and this is with using two copies to do this one.  The top half is one copy and the bottom half is another.  The first one I used had bad ring wear on the top so I had to use the second copy to cover it up.  The second copy had rubbing issues that the first one didn’t.

Back cover:  Not bad.  I did replace the color in their name at the top.  Some more minor cloning and it was done.  Not hard at all.

Labels:  Nothing done.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.