Chaka Khan – I Feel for You

Released:  1984
Label:  Warner Bros. Records/WEA


Front cover:  This one was really easy.  This one’s in great shape so I just scanned it and uploaded it.  The only difficulty was inhaling the color and that wasn’t terribly hard.  That just involved removing the color cast as to correct the slight yellowing.

Sleeves:  Both sleeves are in great shape too.  Just scanned them in hi-res, removed the color cast (the sleeves are slightly yellowed), and uploaded.

Back cover:  This one was fairly easy too.  Just removed the color cast from yellowing, brightened a bit, and uploaded.

Labels:  These were both simple.  I did have to brighten them a bit but that’s it.  Usual spindle removal techniques involve using part of a different Warner crest on the same label and pasting it over the one that the spindle ruins.  I’ve done it enough now that it’s very simple.