Breathe – All That Jazz

Released:  1988
Label:  Siren Ltd./Virgin Records, Ltd./A&M Records


Front cover:  Strange one, though not apparent right away.  In looking at the album, it had suffered some some pretty considerable sun damage.  There’s a strange green cast over everything.  As a result, I had to fix the background separately and then each photo separately.  I found a cover online that I could use for a reference and meticulously fixed all that ails my cover.  It took forever but it was worth it.  There’s a cut-out notch on the upper-left corner that went away with little trouble.  It also had some water damage on the lower-left corner.  That was easily gotten rid of.

Back cover:  Thankfully, this had been shielded from the sun so it’s in perfect shape – save for the cut-out notch.  

Labels:  These are in great shape.  These A&M labels of course present their own challenge when removing the spindle hole but I got it done by cloning the pieces I needed and cover the hole as needed.