Blue Magic – Blue Magic

Released:  1974
Label:  ATCO/Atlantic Records


Front cover:  This is in decent shape but it was off balance and quite off-center.  This was about the best I could do.

Sleeve-front:  I haven’t done this much work in a while.  This sleeve was completely restored.  The white areas had to be replaced due to wrinkles.  I scanned each side, dragged it into Photoshop, manually replaced all the color, and re-centered the images.  This took forever.

Sleeve-back:  Same thing here.  I had to manually replace because of the white covers – specifically the Donny Hathaway one in the corner.  Any automatic replacement would have washed it completely out.

Back cover:  This isn’t bad but the white areas didn’t last.  They never do.  As a result, I replaced them all.  I could do this automatically without hurting the text.

Labels:  Labels in amazing shape, though the scanner wanted the yellow to be much more vivid.  I adjusted the color at the scan stage and the result is absolutely true to the way mine look.