Billy Paul – 360 Degrees of Billy Paul

Released:  1972
Label:  Philadelphia International/CBS Records







Front cover:  Cover in decent shape. Just had to whiten slightly.  I will also confess to fixing the effect they were going for.  Digital editing allows for minor repairs that weren’t possible in 1972.  This and I have become so incredibly arrogant as to second-guess the original jacket designer.  😉

Sleeve:  There is only this one sleeve.  This insert is incredibly thin. Yet, somehow, it’s managed to survive unscathed all these years. It’s absolutely pristine except for a little yellowing.  I thought it was cool (and doing so would damage the lettering) so I didn’t bother to fix it.

Back cover:  Back is in some trouble due to age.  Cleaned up nicely with some “cloning” work.

Labels:  Very nice labels.  Just scanned and removed the spindle hole.