Benjamin Orr – The Lace

Released:  1986
Label:  Elektra/Asylum Records/WEA








Front cover:  This was hard to do.  There are two long gashes on Benjamin’s face and ring wear all over the place.  All black had to be replaced and cloning was done on Benjamin’s face to remove the gashes.

Sleeves:  I love vendor sleeves so I’ll always include them when I have them.  These are in less than ideal condition so all color was replaced on both sides.  Thankfully, that’s a simple thing to do here.

Back cover:  Even worse than the front.  Ring wear is in all the inconvenient places.  I had to wash the black out and when I did, the text suffered.  As a result, all text save the artist and title name were replaced.  More cloning had to be done to completely remove the ring wear.  

Labels:  Even these needed work.  The red part went right over the spindle hole so that took a minute or two to properly contour as to remove the hole and keep it’s shape.  Various scratches necessitated cloning.