Bee Gees – One

Released:  1989
Label:  Warner Bros. Records








Front cover:  The cover of this has yellowed badly.  Not sure why it’s so severe but it is. As a result, all color had to be removed and replaced.  Given how thick the text is all around, no real danger in this.  IMHO, this is a very nice cover shot of the three of them.  Very effective.

Sleeve-front:  Even the sleeve was subject to serious yellowing.  I removed the color but otherwise I’ve left it alone. It has a lot of creases and I removed the worst offenders without damaging the integrity of the text which is always a risk in situations like this.  When you replace color, do it carefully – perhaps only in certain spots.  Using the “paint bucket” as a cover-all will eat away a little at the text.  


Back cover:  Again, severe yellowing has gotten this one.  All color removed and replaced.

Labels:  These labels are in perfect condition.  Removing the spindle hole on these Warner labels is interesting because of where the Warner shield is in the center.  When doing it, all you really need is a piece of it from another one of the shields on the label.  I took a piece from elsewhere, pasted it over the spindle hole, and color matched by adjusting the brightness as needed.  When finished, I “cloned” around the edges so they could disappear completely.  It takes a little time but it’s totally worth it.