Anita Baker – Rapture

Released:  1986
Label:  Elektra/Asylum Records


Front cover:  This copy is in great shape despite its age.  Iconic image that required only scanning to add here.

Sleeve-front:  I’ve had the record out and I’ve played it…a lot.  The sleeve shows that, though it’s still in very good shape.  I did have ti replace all the black but I did it at the largest possible size so no text was harmed.

Sleeve-back:  This needed the same color replacement but there was no way to do it easily without harming her photo.  As a result, I did the replacement anyway, scanned the photo again by itself, and pasted it onto the restored sleeve.  A little more work but totally worth it.

Back cover:  This side is in excellent shape just like the front.  Easily scanned and uploaded.

Labels:  Pristine labels but the scanner wanted to give them a yellow hue.  I took it out with “remove color cast” in Photoshop.  I also had to contour the red circle as the spindle hold is right at the edge of it on both sides.  I think I did fairly well with it.