Anita Baker – Giving You The Best That I Got

Released:  1988
Label:  Elektra/Asylum Records


Front cover:  This is in nice shape and it sounds amazing.  The “audiophile” thing isn’t lie in the least bit.  Getting the color balance on this one was a little tricky because of that shade of pink.  Still, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.  Beyond that and some light “cloning,” this was pretty easy to work with.

Sleeve-front:  This is in really good shape so not difficult to deal with.  The cut-out notch showed up here so I just “cloned” it out but this was simple.  Amazing how well-preserved this is given that I’ve definitely played it.

Sleeve-back:  Same thing here.  Just got rid of the cut-out notch, “cloned” a little, and that’s it.

Back cover:  Again, the cut-out notch.  Beyond that, no cracks or anything.  This is as it really looks.

Labels:  There is a slight difference in color so I just decided to go with it this time.  These are, of course, the promo labels.  Simply scanned them and removed the spindle holes.