A Song For You

Released:  1972
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  Okay, confession. I looked at my own copy of this album and it had severely yellowed. I tried removing the yellowing at it looked fake. I searched for other copies, found many, and they were all in the same yellow condition. I’ll continue this at the “back cover”…  

Front sleeve:  These sleeves come from the actual LP itself. Very easily cleaned up. These oddly hadn’t yellowed at all, really.

Back sleeve:  Again, excellent shape. A few minor wrinkles but, beyond that, great shape.

Back cover:  …Turns out recycled fibers don’t do the “40 year” thing very well. As a result, the front and back covers were taken from my Japanese mini-LP. It looks exactly the same – right down to the consistency of the paper it’s printed on. You even get the flap. The back had the Japanese release number printed on the very bottom which I removed but, beyond that, no difference whatsoever. I apologize for any perceived artificiality. It wasn’t by choice.

Hype sticker:  Thanks to our friend, Rick-An Ordinary Fool from A&M Corner, we can share this with you.  He scanned this at 600dpi (just like we do).  I took it, cleaned up the edges, and added it here.   Thanks again, Rick!

Labels:  These labels needed work. They were badly scratched over time but I did manage to get rid of them without doing any color replacing.