Zo! and Tall Black Guy – Abstractions

Released:  2021
Deluxe Edition released:  2023
Label:  The Foreign Exchange Music


Front cover:  Of course, all these pics are from an album I’ve had less than 24 hours so they’re all going to look great.  To be honest, this did have a ding on the lower-right corner but I cloned it out fairly easily.  Otherwise, it’s perfect.

Gatefold-left:  Again, just perfect.  

Gatefold-right:  The only thing to say is that my scanner wanted to colorize this for some reason. I pulled back on the saturation at the scan stage and now it looks the way it does in front of me.  Strange.

Back cover:  Yet again, perfect!

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.


P.S.:  There is ONE more thing that came with this package…and I’m withholding it.  You have to order it from Zo! in order to get it.  LOL!