Whitney Houston – My Love is Your Love

Released:  1998
Label:  Arista Records/BMG Entertainment


Front cover:  This was worse than I thought it’d be.  The ring wear was NOT something I anticipated but it makes sense.  I’ve had this for twenty-three years now and while it hasn’t been played much, this comes down the packaging decisions the labels were making back then.  Relatively few were even pressed at this point and those we got were sometimes packaged questionably.  This is a single-disc CD but because of space limitations inherent with LPs, it has to be a double-LP.  In order to cut costs (LPs hadn’t become sexy again just yet), this was packaged in a single jacket with two LPs just one on top of the other.  The jacket has no additional thickness so ring wear is an inevitability.  Anyway, it took a while to get rid of but I’m happy with the results.  I did have to replace “Vinyl One” (that phrase!) in order to get rid of the ring wear in that spot.  

Insert-front:  Even this sheet had ring wear on it.  I expected it and went to work removing it.  This wasn’t as hard for the most part.  Right near the beginning of the “thank you”s is where it got hairy.  It came out fairly well thankfully.

Insert-back:  This needed some color replacement in spots (all done when the image was its largest as not to damage text).  This came to life nicely once I did that.  Other things were cloned out.  Not too difficult. 

Back cover:  Same issue as the front.  Massive ring wear that had to be dealt with.  It took a while but, again, the results are pretty good.  

Labels:  Even the labels showed no mercy.  Label two is obviously a mockup.  The original’s text was completely unreadable from the factory so I had to retype every word.  I got as close as I could with the font and layout so that it would look just like the original.  Of course, there was no way to keep the center ring.  Any text I would have laid on top of it would have looked incredibly fake.  I even had to fix the horizon on that one as it was oddly blotchy.  See what I mean about LPs not really mattering at this point?  Lots of stuff like this happened.  Of course, I removed the spindle hole on each as I always do.  Very simple in this case.