Van Halen – 5150

Released:  1986
Label:  Warner Bros. Records









Front cover:  Until I scanned this, it remained in it’s shrink wrap.  The benefits of that are seen elsewhere on this page.  As such, this remains in excellent shape.

Sleeve-front:  Not bad at all. It has some minor scratches from being handled but nothing too serious.  Of course, all scratches have been removed.

Sleeve-back:  The biggest problem is that this side of the sleeve is slightly askew and yellowed.  I fixed it a little but I didn’t want to damage it’s integrity of the text so I only went so far.  Beyond that, it’s in great shape and totally readable.

Back cover:  Again, another success with the back.  The shrink wrap kept it protected quite well.  There is a slight crack on the lower left-hand corner by the record label information which was easily removed.  The effect they were going for with the band crushing Atlas man kinda failed.

Promo sticker:  Not horrible but it has certainly seen better days.  Background color replaced and minor cleaning otherwise.

Labels:  Oddly, this label has yellowed a bit.  I had yet to see a Warners label yellow until this one.  I can’t corect it as doing so would wash out the WB crests in the background.  Removing the spindle hole was…