The Wiz – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Released:  1978
Label:  MCA Records












Front cover:  This album is very much it’s age.  There is some ring wear on the cover.  All gone now.  As an aside, just about everything save the labels opens up larger.  To see everything as big as I uploaded it, just right-click on an image and select “open in new tab/window”.

Gatefolds:  This had to be split into two pieces and, thankfully, that was workable.  This is in good shape.  

Back cover:  This side had some issues.  The text on the right side was somehow badly worn and it couldn’t be read.  I had no choice but to add text.  Actually, what you see is a combination of my typing a the text that was already there.  I simply used what was there and typed around it to create the full copyright text.  

Poster:  I’m not even sure this had ever been touched.  It was pristine.  Due to it’s size, I scanned it in four pieces and joined them in Photoshop.  Fun piece.  To view it larger, just right-click on it and select “open in new tab/window”.

Back cover:  The booklet had definitely been looked at and loved a bit.  Still, it’s in solid shape so scanning wasn’t hard.  The staples that held it together had rusted but once removed, scanning was easy.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  Easy to remove spindle hole and upload.  Note that the sides are numbered so that you could stack them on a record changer.  I ordered them here as the tunes should appear.