The Whispers – Life and Breath

Released:  1972
Label:  Chess/Janus Records






Front cover:  This one was pretty easy.  I got it “sealed” and have taken good care of it since I got it.  I did have to replace the blue because it was a little worn.  The only thing of substance done was the remove the cut-out on the upper right-hand corner.

Back cover:  The back of this is completely off-balance.  Badly off-balance.  It required that rotate the image 37.5 degrees.  Once that was done, I created a new image at 1400 x 1400 and used the color picker to grab the exact black border.  Once the new background was prepared, I took the rotated image and cut off the border entirely until just the white parts with text and photo remained.  I resized that image down to 1350 x 1350.  Last, I took that image and pasted it into the black background and positioned it just as it is on the actual jacket.  Thankfully, my work ended there as the rest of the image is perfect.

Labels:  Great labels.  Just removed the spindle hole.