The Temptations w/ The Four Tops b/w The Jackson Five – Medley from Motown 25 TV Soundtrack

Released:  1983
Label:  Motown Records







Front cover:  This side was fairly easy.  Of course, white doesn’t preserve well so I had to replace all of it including the border.  Still, this was done easily using the paint bucket.  I then removed a cutout notch in the “S” in Four Tops.  

Back cover:  The back was far more work.  In order to get the shade of rose the design dictated, I had to globally change it in the scan stage.  As a result of the change, all the letters took on a rose tint  that wasn’t accurate.  As a result, I used the paint bucket to re-color ¾ of the lettering.  I left the credits as they rendered because they are slightly darker on my jacket anyway.  I also removed many creases.  All of this took about an hour to do.

Labels:  The labels are in great shape.  Just removed spindle holes.  The color also scanned correctly without difficulty.