The Temptations – Masterpiece

Released:  1973 / Reissue:  1977
Label:  Motown Records / Reissue:  Kory Records








Front cover:  This wasn’t bad.  White covers yellow; just a fact of life.  I restored this to the intended shade and performed minor cleanup via cloning.

Back cover:  The back was in the same shape.  Minor cloning to remove smudges but nothing more done.

Labels:  Again, only cut-out hole was removed.  Beyond that, nothing.

Reissue front cover:  This wasn’t too bad either.  There is the beginnings of a stain on the bottom-center and I got rid of that through cloning.  I initially tried replacing the blue but it washed out the text a bit so I decided against that.

Reissue rear cover:  The back is where most of the stain lived..and it’s large.  It was on the bottom-center and went right into the “…under license from Motown Records” bit.  I did the best I could.

Reissue labels:  Even the labels needed work.  The vinyl is cheap so the labels have little craters in them that had to be cloned out.  After the spindle hole was removed, my work was done.