The Temptations – In A Mellow Mood (U.S. and Korean press)

Released:  1967 (Korean press date unknown)
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records/Bell Song Records










Front cover:  The issue here, oddly enough, isn’t the cover.  It’s in great shape for an original Gordy press.  The issue had to do with the color.  For some reason, my scanner just wouldn’t translate the color.  After about 30 minutes of tinkering with internal settings, I finally managed to nail it.  I used the “in a Mellow Mood” pink as my guide.  Once that was perfect, everything else was right too.  I feared over saturating the group photo but that didn’t happen.  All in all, this was a real learning experience for me so I’m glad it happened.  There is also a minor cut-out hole in the “Stereo” word on the upper right-hand corner which I removed through cloning.

Back cover:  The back cover is in great shape just like the front.  Not so much as a blemish.  Just scanned and uploaded.

Korean front cover:  This isn’t a cover the way we think of them.  This is essentially a sleeve.  It got to me housed in a clear sleeve so it was fairly well protected.  Scanning was simple due to that sleeve.

Korean back cover:  The back isn’t bad either.  It’s yellowed with age but, again, very nice.  I just scanned and uploaded.

Labels:  The Gordy labels are great.  Whoever had this before me treated it like the treasure it is.  So glad they did.  Only removed the spindle hole and uploaded.

Korean labels:  I scanned the whole record since it’s red vinyl.  The record survived nicely, although it doesn’t sound good in the least bit.  It’s pretty noisy.  Aesthetically, it’s in great shape though.