The Temptations – Cloud Nine

Released:  1964
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records


Front cover:  Okay so truth time:  this is a new 180-gram reissue. simply couldn’t find one in great shape so I just used this.  Besides the label, it’s the exact same thing as the original version, just glossier.  The gloss doesn’t translate in the scan which makes it look even more real.  I found a few copies on Discogs and noticed that both were more red and brighter so I did the work in Photoshop to make mine match those exactly.

Back cover:  Again, a relatively new copy (just a year or so old) so it’s perfect.  Kudos to whoever did the artwork transfer as it looks perfect.  Very sharp and easy to ready.

Labels:  The scanner rendered these labels perfectly but they don’t match others from the period so I had to force that issue.  This was major surgery.  I didn’t retype anything but the ®.  Everything else stayed remained.  I re-colored the label itself – finding the exact shade on the copies I found.  I then meticulously re-colored the Gordy logo any objects or text that was yellow.  I know I’m happier.