The Temptations – Anthology/10th Anniversary Special

Released:  1973
Label:  Motown Records









Front cover:  This.  Was.  Work.  There’s definitely ring wear here but I managed to get rid of it through color replacement.  I had to do that on most of this package.

Flaps:  These were protected from the elements for the most part so these weren’t bad.  The first one has some cracking but I did what I could without being destructive to the text.  It held up fairly well.  They all had their white areas replaced but things went fairly smoothly here.

Back:  The back is in fine shape.  Just replaced the white areas.

Booklet:  The booklet is in pretty good shape except for one problem.  The top of said booklet is curled a bit. I’m assuming the booklet was just forced into the jacket at some point so the original owner wouldn’t lose it and it ended up damaging the book.  Not a huge deal if you’re just reading it but a nightmare to scan properly.  Even with the lid down on the scanner, I couldn’t get the pages to lie flat.  The only way I could scan each page was to place a heavy 24-track 2-inch tape reel in its box on top of each page as I scanned it so it’d lay flat on the scan bed.  I had to do it each time and that reel is HEAVY.  Thankfully, the scanner glass held up to the abuse and the results are the best I was capable of.  Then came the issues that come with the yellowed pages of a 50 year-old booklet.  Each page had to be color corrected with “remove color cast” in Photoshop.  Then, all white areas were replaced – in some cases EXTREMELY carefully do to the images being very close in color to the white I was replacing.  This was a TASK.

Note:  Do not bother trying to view this booklet on a phone.  It will NOT look good and it will take a while to load.  Just use your PC, Mac, or whatever to do it.  Even then, it’ll take about two minutes to load.  Once you get it, it’ll look fantastic and you’ll be able to read everything.

Labels:  These were, thankfully, fairly simple.  Just scanned each one and removed the spindle hole.