The System – Rhythm and Romance

Released:  1989
Label:  Mirage/Atlantic Records


Front cover:  The scanner wanted this a little muddier than it really is.  It also wanted to brighten up the black lettering.  I fixed most of this at the scan stage and the lack of color in Mic and David’s faces were fixed in Photoshop.  I also cloned out some minor scratches in David’s pants and remove the cut-out notch by the foot that appears right.

Sleeves:  Sleeves are in good shape but the scanner wanted them too bright.  I darkened them in Photoshop to make them as readable as possible.  The second side has a few wrinkles but I can’t remove them without hurting the text.

Back cover:  This is in good shape but there were scratches here and there that were easily removed.  The worst was that the cut-out notch went directly through the “A product of Mirage Record, Inc.” and the Mirage logo.  To remedy, I took the “r”, “a”, and “g” from the copyright notice in the center.  As for the logo, I grabbed another online, took the background out of it, and removed all its color.  It’s virtually indistinguishable from the one I fixed.  Pretty good work all told, I think.

Labels:  Even these were hard.  These labels would not balance color-wise.  It took forever to get them looking as they do.  Odd to have to work this hard but it’s all done.  Of course, I removed the spindle holes as well.