The Sylvers – New Horizons

Released:  1977
Label:  Capitol Records









Front cover:  Cover in excellent shape except for a badly-placed cut-out notch at the top left-hand corner. 

Sleeve-front:  Sleeve in great shape too.  Easily scanned and uploaded.

Sleeve-back:  I have two copies of this album – 1 a standard Capitol issue and the other an RCA music service copy.  This lyric sheet is from the RCA. I attempted to change the tint to match the way the first lyric sleeve looks but couldn’t do it without destroying the text.  

Back cover:  The back of this one isn’t in great shape.  This is the back cover of the standard Capitol issue and it had a tremendous amount of scratching.  You’ll also notice that the “Side One and “Side Two” wording has been added back in – courtesy of the RCA music service copy I have.

Merchandise sheet:

Promo sticker:  This thing was torched. It was quite soiled and needed a lot of work to make it presentable. I did a lot of color replacing.

Labels:  Labels, too, weren’t marked at all.  Love the Full Moon tree.