The Jacksons – The Jacksons

Released:  1976
Label:  Philadelphia International/Epic/CBS Records







Front cover:  This was not in good shape at all.  It’s clearly been around the block. I cleaned to a certain degree but there is a beauty in it’s age so I allowed it to show to a certain degree.

Gatefold:  Even the inside of the gatefold has seen better days.  I cleaned as best I could without making it look too perfect. I love Norman Seeff’s photography and this is one of his absolute best.

Back cover:  As was the case with the first two, the back needed work. Again, I didn’t do too much but some things needed to be cloned out.  I couldn’t get rid of the yellowing without hurting the text and I couldn’t get rid of the ringwear on top convincingly either.  

Labels:  The labels, on the other hand, are perfect.  Just scanned and uploaded.