The Jacksons – Live

Released:  1981
Label:  Epic/CBS Records










Front cover:  Another trashed album. Extensive work performed. I’ve save another one.  This one had ringwear, scratches, scuffs, all of it.  It took forever to fix…but of course, I put the work in.  There was a lot of cloning of small areas and then using those areas to expand the clean areas.  Then, you clone over some of the places that repeat so no one call see what you’ve done.  I think I got a pretty good result here.

Gatefolds:  Same thing.  Same solution for exact same problems.  The lights were particularly problematic.  I couldn’t do much with the stuff by the lettering because I didn’t want to destroy the integrity of the text.

Back cover:  This album was just continuous work.  Same issues exist on the back.  Just cloning a little at a time until the image was stabilized.  Again, the text needed to be saved so I couldn’t do much near it.  The front and back took roughly an hour and a half.  The gatefolds took about the same amount of time.  This one was worked on over the course of two nights and is, thus far, my longest project.

Labels:  Here’s where my work finally ended.  The labels were fantastic.  Just scanned, removed spindle holes, and uploaded.