Teena Marie – Wild and Peaceful

Released:  1979
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records


Front cover:  Pure white never does well on a cover that’s this old.  As such, I carefully replaced it as not to harm the border or the white clouds in the photo.  A few scratches were also removed via “cloning”.

Promo sticker:  This is in decent shape.  I did some slight clean-up but nothing severe at all.  This is pretty much as I have it in front of me.

Back cover:  Again, the white was replaced as gently as possible so as not to damage the text.  I also removed some cracks here and there.

Labels:  The labels are very nice but no labels give me more trouble at the scanning stage than Gordy labels.  The scanner decides they should be a certain color that’s fairly far off from the way they actually look in front of me.  It takes careful adjustment to find the actual color of whatever Gordy label in front of me and it can vary from side to side.