Teena Marie – Robbery

Released:  1983
Label:  Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This is another one that looked a little better before I scanned it.  First of all, the scanner insisted on making this image brighter than it is.  I took down the brightness in Photoshop to compensate.  Also, canning brought out all the imperfections.  That is supposed to happen but it sure does make for a lot of unanticipated work.  All black areas cleaned up through “cloning” and replacement.  I did all that work before I resized it so nothing would get damaged, which can happen if you resize first.  The bigger the palate you have to work with, the better.  The “resize” should always be the last thing you do.

Sleeves:  The scanner insisted that these were a far deeper blue than I saw.  I severely pulled the brightness back (100%), pulled back the saturation about 30%, and increased the contrast a bit to make it look just like the sleeve I have here.  I scanned at 1200 dpi because the wrinkles on this one are pretty severe (I’ve played it and loved it for years).  I replaced all the blue and did so, miraculously, without harming any of the text.  Some clean-up of the sides and that was it.

Back cover:  The clean-up here was the most challenging because the black was severely damaged due to years of play and love from me.  All of it was replaced.  I had to carefully draw around Teena to do it and it took forever.  This album was scanned and cleaned over the course of two nights but the results are pretty good if I do say so myself.

Labels:  Finally, some relief!  The labels are nice so I just scanned them and removed the spindle hole.  Again, I color matched to the car Teena’s riding in on the cover.